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Dr. Levine's Ultimate Weight Loss Formula™ is
"The Smartest, Healthiest, Safest, Easiest, and
Most Effective Way to Lose Weight”™
  • Anti-Cancer
  • Anti-Heart Disease
  • Anti-Obesity
  • Anti-Diabetes
  • Anti-Glucose Intolerance
  • Anti-Cholesterol
  • Anti-Hypertension
  • Anti-Osteoporosis
  • Anti-Constipation
  • Anti-Diverticulosis
  • Anti-Hemorrhoids
  • Anti-Irritable Bowel
  • Anti-Homocysteinemia
  • Anti-hs-CRP

Dr. Scott Levine, a medical doctor double Board Certified in both Internal Medicine AND Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and leading expert in health and nutrition, designed and formulated Dr. Levine's Ultimate Weight Loss Formula™ (DLUWLF) as...

"The Smartest, Healthiest, Safest, Easiest, and Most Effective Way To Lose Weight™".

DLUWLF is so unique that Dr. Levine was awarded U.S. Patent 7,030,092 for his product's ability to reduce weight, cardiovascular risk, and absorption of toxins in the diet!

Dr. Levine maintains a solo Internal Medicine/ Anti-Aging medical practice in Orlando, Florida for more than 15 years where he provides cutting-edge preventative care to his patients of all ages. He is deeply committed to optimizing his patients' health through education and providing the latest, most- effective “prevention” techniques. In his search to optimize his patients' health, Dr. Levine developed a number of health-enhancing nutrition and skin care products. Especially concerned over the rising epidemic of obesity and the plethora of obesity-related health risks, Dr. Levine developed this formula to help his patients lose weight safely, effortlessly and effectively, AND as a non-prescription way to lower cholesterol. Dr. Levine’s Ultimate Weight Loss Formula™ has given his patients spectacular results in both weight loss and cholesterol-lowering.
In 2006, the U.S. Patent Office granted a patent for Dr. Levine's unique weight loss beverage. Dr. Levine received Patent 7,030,092 for his "Ultra-High Fiber Supplement and Method of Reducing Weight, Cardiovascular Risks, and Ingested Toxins". Now, this exact product that has helped many easily lose weight, lower cholesterol, and improve their health is available directly through his medical office or through this online site so, you too, can reach your optimal weight and reduce the obesity-related risks that kill millions each year.

DLUWLF™ is an easy-dissolving, pleasant tasting powder containing the highest content of fiber per serving of any drink in the world.

This unique formulation of different fibers and antioxidants creates a sensation of fullness that causes you to eat less during the meals or snacks that follow. Typically, the sensation of fullness will last for several hours beyond the meal-thereby preventing harmful snacking. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) recommends 20-35 grams of fiber per day. Most Americans don't get even half that amount. Now with DLUWLF™ fiber drink you can lose weight easily and improve your health. Take two servings daily and you will already exceed the NCI's recommendations.

Dr. Levine’s Ultimate Weight Loss Formula™ is a special formulation of five different natural fibers, antioxidants and B vitamins. It does NOT contain stimulants, Nutrasweet®, or Aspartame®. I do not use Stevia as it is NOT approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for food uses and the concern that Stevia itself may be a carcinogen. This product is sweetened with Splenda (Sucralose) and the FDA HAS CONFIRMED the safety of this sweetener. The ingredients in DLUWLF are natural and actually healthy to consume.

Please read this entire site. Educate yourself on the dangers of obesity and the resulting health risks. Being even a little overweight brings serious health risks. You cannot change who your parents were (genetics), but you can take control of your weight and dramatically improve your health. Buy DLUWLF today and begin losing weight and improving your health tomorrow.

Dr. Scott Levine is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and is a leading expert in health and nutrition who designs unique products that can optimize your health. The Consumer's Research Counsel of America has selected him as one of AMERICA'S TOP PHYSICIANS.

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