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Dr. Scott Levine is one of
AMERICA’S TOP PHYSICIANS as selected by the Consumer’s Research Counsel of America®.

Dr. Levine MD is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. As a leading expert in health and nutrition, he has been a speaker at national health conferences, nationally syndicated radio, the United States Post Office, and a variety of educational meetings for doctors. Dr. Levine has appeared on numerous local TV stations sharing his medical expertise.

Dr. Levine maintains a solo Internal Medicine/ Anti-Aging medical practice in Orlando, Florida where, for more than 15 years he has provided cutting-edge preventative care to his patients. Dr. Levine is committed to helping his patient's achieve optimum health through education and providing the latest, most- effective “health-prevention” techniques.

In his commitment to optimize his patients’ health, Dr. Levine developed a number of health-enhancing nutrition and skin care products. In 2006, he received a U.S. Patent for his Ultra-high fiber supplement and Method of Reducing Weight, Cardiovascular Risks, and Ingested Toxins.

Now, these same products that Dr. Levine has created to optimize his patients’ health are available online or directly through his medical office so, you too, can optimize your health or the health of your child!

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